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Slitting Cutters are widely demanded in various industries for cutting and slitting. The saw blade can tolerate high temperature during the cutting of hard stainless steel. The high cutting resistance with minimum friction is one of the major attributed of these cutters. These blades are available in different types of finishes.

  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Extended life of cutting blade
  • Suitable for high-speed cutting work
  • Protection from high temperature
  • Suitable for high-speed cutting work

Cut To Lenght

These machines are precisely designed using latest technologies that are robust in construction. Keeping in view the application requirements, these are offered in varied dimensions and specifications. These machines are used for instant feeds & cuts to even or random. Our machines are available in needed measures of sheets by energy shear/fly shear using highly precised hair straighteners. These machines are equipped with single or double straightener keeping in view the needs of the clients. They are technologically advanced machines that are acclaimed for their performance and consistency in output.

  • Our cut to length line uses a roll feeding, AC servo drive.
  • It has full length NC control system that ensures fast positioning of coil.
  • High speed up to 120 MPM.
  • Higher length & diagonal accuracy - 0.50 mm.
  • Fully automatic line requires only 1 operator.

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